Welcome to my Blog nyo~

Welcome to my Blog nyo~

Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Sakamoto Shougo Profile and Interview


Name: Sakamoto Shougo (阪本 奨悟)
Birthdate: June 13, 1993
Hometown: Hyougo prefecture
Sports: soccer
Talent: guitar
Favorite food: ramen
Height: 163 cm
School: Horikoshi Gakuen
Class: 1D
Career: Model, Act as Echizen Ryouma at 4th Dream Live till 6th Drem Live, Act as Ciel Phantomhive at kuroshitsuji Musical 2009.

Here minna~ atashi wa hanashimshita Repoto no Shougo aru kara~ Enjoy it!!

Q : How is your high school day?
A : It's fun. But I have to fulfill the credits, otherwise it would be impossible [for me] to graduate, it's very much different with Junior High.

Q : Since Shougo-kun seems like joining the Junior High's Soccer Club, what was your position?
A : It was Volante. [Note : Defensive midfielder - Brazillian language]

Q : During vacation...when you're not working, what is Sakamoto Shougo doing?
A : Playing soccer with my friends, and when I'm at home, I play guitar.

Q : Beside Beat Takeshi, is there someone else you're good at impersonating?
A : Beside that, I don't have any confidence.

Q : Is there any artist that you like recently?
A : Audrey-san. [Maybe Kawasaki Audrey? She's a famous artist in Japan.....]

Q : The girl with make up and the girl without make up. Which one Shougo prefers?
A : I prefer the girl without make up.

Q : Your preferred girl clothing?
A : The clothing that doesn't expose too much.

Q : Your preferred type of girl's face?
A : If it's a face, the one who has beautiful skin.

Q : What is the thing you're so into right now?
A : Guitar.

Q : How tall do you want for your height?
A : I want around 175 cm!

Q : If talking about Shougo, since it's very familiar with Sushi and Ramen, what is your favourite Sushi's topping/item? And about how high, how many plates have you ever ate Sushi?
A : My favorite topping/item is sea urchin and salmon roe! Then, about the height, I've ever been eaten for 25 plates!

Q : Shougo-kun have played Seigaku's Echizen Ryouma and maybe it is possible to perform from another school. If so, which character do you want to play?
A : I want to be Atobe!

Q : It was written in the magazine that Asakusa is the place where Shougo wants to go, and if Asakusa is the place where Shougo wants to have a date, what kind of place in Asakusa do you want to go?
A : I want to go to a shops lining an arcade in front of Asakusa Temple.

Q : Is there a time where you want to stop?
A : At present, no.

Q : What is your type, the one who is older or younger?
A : Neither one is my type. If you like someone, there is no problem whether [the person is] older or younger.

Q : What is your favorite color?
A : Green.

Q : What is your most favorite work from Ghibli?
A : [Tonari no Totoro]. I like the song.

Q : What is your most favorite work from Disney?
A : [Tom and Jerry]. I watched it over and over again when I was little.

Q : Next, is there any movie [work] recommendation?
A : [The Magic Hour]. I've watched it three times.

Q : Next, what is the thing that Shougo-kun treasure in this life?
A : Family. Try to be parted [with them] and you'll fully understand the importance of it.

Q : Which part of Hyogo do you like?
A : It's really about my local, I like the place where it doesn't pass a country or a city.

Q : Your favorite girl's hairstyle?
A : The color is black, I have no favorite hairstyle in particular but I like the sport girl's shortcut.

Q : What kind of moments that you can feel recovered?
A : The moment when I see the photo of Ban-kun.

Q : What is your big failure and else on the stage?
A : In the live performance of Tenimyu, in the scene where I held the racket with left hand, the racket fell and I accidentally said the [Aa!] which I thought in my mind. The air of the hall is frozen for a moment... It's really bitter memories.

Q : What is your favorite comic book?
A : [Prince of Tennis] [Kuroshitsuji] [One Piece]

Q : When is your rebellious time?
A : My rebellious time was in Junior High, from the first grade of Junior High. But now is different [Laughs]

Q : If you want to have little sister, older sister, little brother, older brother from Tenimyu?
A : Older brother --> Makki
Little brother ---> myself, since there is no one who is much more younger
Older sister-----> Toyo
Little sister -----> There is no one below after all [Laughs]

Q : I heard that Shougo-kun has older sister and brother, is your relationship good? If there is any episode of you as sibling gather round together, please tell us.
A : Sometimes the three of us go to karaoke, we are a sibling with a good relationship.

Q : Once and for all!! What is Tenimyu to Shougo-kun?
A : The place where all the members are companions and the highest rival gathers.

Q : What kind of birthday party that remains in Shougo-kun's heart up until now?
A : This time's 16th years old birthday event.

Q : Is there any pet, like you want to keep other than dog?
A : Otter. It's drop dead cute.

Q : What do you want if you are going to an all-you-can-eat?
A : Meat.

Q : These days, what is the thing that Shougo-kun personally wants to try, moreover to challenge? Please tell us.
A : Composing and writing song.

And then, the answered questions on the birthday event on June 13.

The first performance

Q : The good method to relax?
A : Sleeping while listening music.

Q : Favorite type of girl?
A : I choose the obedient [type of] girl.

Q : Your necessary thing?
A : iPod. Because I love music. When my tension is up high, I listen to Porno Grafitty.

Q : Shougo is your real name?
A : Yes, real name. The word 'Go' is because my Mom likes Son Go Ku and it looks like she hopes that I could grow up stoutly like Go Ku. While the Kanji of "Shou", it is also used in my big Brother's name, so the reason of using this character is that us, sibling, could live harmoniously.

The second performance

Q : The food that you want to eat when you go home to your local [Hyogo]?
A : Mom's handmade Omelet rice. My friends also enjoy eating.

Q : What kind of occupation if you have one whole day?
A : Director of Amuse [Laughs]

Q : The song that you sing in karaoke?
A : [Haneuma Rider] by Porno Grafitty.

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